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History of the Kennel


Snjos Kennel was registrated 1995.

The breed Australian Cattle Dog has been in my presence since 1990. The kennelname Snjos is comming from the Nordic Mythologi. 

The kennel was started with the female Tisnarvikens Blå Doris. Doris had one litter, the A-litter 1995. I saved the female Ambra, but unfortunatly Ambra didn't get pregnant even if we tried to mate her a couple of times. 2003 I imported the female Wallaroo Goldrush "Rusa" from Germany and she is the broodbitch to the breedingline I has today. A choise I will never regret! Rusa is a very special dog, with uncredible sound and valuable properties, which she has so far proved pass down to her children and grandchildren.

The Kennel has also a German Shepherd male, To-Fast Zgusse "Zanthos". Hopefully Zanthos will become a dutydog in the future. Zanthos is a young male that we bought from Denmark! You could read more about him on his page at Males!


I want to work for the breed Australian Cattle Dog, shall remain that workingbreed as it once has been developed.Unfortunatly today, it's only a few ACD:s that is used for practical work and you see the breed much more often at Shows than on different workingtests.

The goal with my breeding, is to get dogs with a very high workingcapability, are very functional, who has a very good mentality and also has a healthy exterior close to the standard.

I have high demands, on how a workingdog should be, this without to abandon the exterior part.

The puppies from me, will only therefore be sold to homes, where I know that the dog will be activated & worked in some way.
All of the dogs from the kennel MUST be healthtested, mentalitytested and should be showned at least one time, on an official show.

All of the results will be presentated at the homepage!