The first contact with a dog, was my familys dog called "Tjorven", a mixtedbreed between collie and poudle. When this dog has passed away, it took some years until "Bamse", a black Labrador enter to the family. Unfortunatly he was stricked by illness and he was taken down in a quite early age.
"Bamse" was however the first dog I went to a dogcourse with, at the Swedish Workingdogclub. It took some years after that, until my "real" doginterest was borned. More exactly 1990.

My fiancé at that time got an Australian Cattle Dogmale called "Aramis", we also had a kelpie, german shepherd & a labrador.
Aramis was a dog with some problems, he really hated other dogs(males), he was stressed when other maledogs was around ,but he was always very nice to us and to other people. This, got me to start to think if all of the ACD was so bothersome. So I went to Tisnarvikens Kennel and took a female "Doris" from them, only as a "trial". She was about 4 ½ month at that time and she was a very discreet little dog. Well as you can guess, Yes I took her permenantly!


Ever since than I'm totaly devoted to the ACD breed, and it fits me like the hand in the glove! After some years I registrated my kennelname and I had my first litter(A-litter) in 1995 out of Doris. I kept Ambra from that litter and she became one of the most qualified females at that time, but unfortunatly she didn't got any puppies even if we tried to mate her a couple of times. So 2003 I imported Wallaroo Goldrush "Rusa".(Read more about that under The Kennel & The Dogs).

When it comes to my own dogknowledge and proficiency, am I educated as an Instructor in the Swedish Workingdogclub(SBK), I'm educated as a SAR(serach&rescue)dog instructor, I'm competitionleader, figurant for MH/MT and will educate me to A-figurant & testleader for MH/MT this autumn.

Before I had the maininterest in the pratical search (SAR, watersearch, competitionsearch), rescuedogs and obedience. But now I'm more intrested in the workingclasses in competition. In my daily life I work nowadays as a professional doghandler in the Policeforce. What could be better, to work with the biggest hobby I have!

I have competed in three Swedish Championships for Rescuedogs, and the result has been mixed and during 2011 I competed in the Swedish Championship(SM) for workingdogs in the schutzprogram(not IPO). That SM meant so much for me, as Rusa & I wrote some ACD history. Rusa was namely the first Australian Cattle Dog who took part in a Championship of all time, then to do so in such a unexpectedly sport as the schutzprogram felt really great! I will always feel an immense gratitude for this wonderful dog and what we have achieved!

Rusa is in pension from most of the competitions, but I will train and maybe compete her in obedience. Otherwise I have started Chilra more serious in tracking, schutz & obedience. I will also start the German Shepherdboy Zanthos eventually in tracking & schutz. There is also another little star in the Kennel, Snjos Red Jacka. A girl with a lot of power, loves people and are very curious & brave.

I always look forward to the upcoming competition season, in which goals are to try to improve previous results. The most important thing is that we and the dogs must be healthy and well, and that I may have and get good puppies to more people who are genuinely interested in ACD to work!